Welcome to Kardiac's Image-Ination! Herein you will find several galleries of images dedicated to the characters of pulp and comic books. I began this endeavor working primarily in the Bruce Timm animated style made famous by Batman: The Animated Series, then redeveloped for the New Batman Adventures, The New Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond, and Justice League. Recently, I've begun branching off into other animated styles to stretch my legs a little.

The majority of the images on this site are manipulations based on templates created by myself or other people, as well as original works from the galleries of Bruce Timm, Shane Glines, and Kryptcom, and of course, the Official Batman-Superman Adventures website.

I've also borrowed many images from the talented artists DCUA Fan-Tastic Forums and several X-Men: Evolution model sheets. I have a tendency to only use the barest bones of a template however, so most of these pics adiverge significantly from the originals on which they were based. To credit every picture on every page would be an undertaking, so I've tried to capsulate the credits for original templates in this introduction.

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Legalese: DC Comics, DC Universe, and Marvel, as well as all associated characters, are copyright their respective companies. All characters not created by me are copyright their respective owners. Permission is given for some, not given for others. Characters created by me are ©2002 Ed Robinson. Artwork is ©2002 Ed Robinson, though the pictures upon which my art builds or is based are copyright their respective artists. Please do not reproduce without permission, but feel free to build your own artwork on mine as I have on others... just give me credit. Artwork herein may not otherwise be used, transferred or replicated by any means without permission. Thanks. Special thanks to Kryptcom and all the great artists and writers at DCUA Hack the Animatrix!